The Wreck of the Rhone

A 15 minute ride takes you to the famous wreck of the RMS Rhone. This is a ship that sank in 1867 in a fierce hurricane. We snorkel the stern section of the ship that was torn in two by Black rock (locally known as the can opener).

The rudder post comes within 15 feet of the surface and below that is the 17 foot bronze propeller. We are also able to see the cargo deck, propeller shaft, mid shaft bearing and gearbox. Surrounding all this, is of course a spectacular reef system full of wreck loving fish.

Note: if the weather is too rough to visit the wreck of the Rhone, our alternative site is Blue Chromis a very colorful reef at Haulover Bay on Cooper Island. It is named Blue Chromis for the abundance of these electric blue fish that are a delight to watch as they eat the Pistol Shrimp you can hear popping in your ears, but are too small to see.

The reef is also host to Spotted moray eels, Four Eyed Butterfly fish, and schools of French Grunts.

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